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Monarch Rooftop

71 W 35th Street, New York, NY 10001
(212) 630-9993

Monarch Rooftop & Indoor Lounge is 5,000 square feet of “your new favorite place,” hundreds of feet above W 35th Street in Midtown Manhattan. Located on the 18th floor penthouse of the Marriott Courtyard Herald Square, Monarch offers great music, delicious food, and table service.

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HCM 2017: cu chi tunnels, rooftop bar, & bistro | Kosh Descallar

A family trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
20170528 Day 2
✨ open me for more details ✨

• First morning at the Silverland Central Hotel & Spa
• Complimentary Buffet Breakfast at the hotel
• Day Tour with Vietnam Adventure Tours (again!)
• Tour & shopping at the Handicapped Handicrafts Factory
• Tour at the Cu Chi Tunnels
• Shooting at the National Defense Sports Shooting Range
• Late lunch/merienda at M. Bar, Majestic Hotel
• Dinner at Propaganda Vietnamese Bistro
• Cake Hunt around/near the hotel
• Preparations for Papu’s birthday surprise

📹 Fujifilm X-A3
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🎶 Sam Dian ~ The Light by Le Sol Musique

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NYC After Work Drinks @ Salud Restaurant And Bar New York City Fun

NYC After Work Drinks @ Salud Restaurant And Bar New York City Fun
New York City is the “hub” of restaurants, clubs and partys
From sports bars to supper clubs to dance halls with VIP rooms, there are plenty of places in New York for you to find a soft comfy place to sit, drink, and listen to music
new york weekend party, Happy Hour in NYC

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Rooftop in NYC

I have always loved getting to sight see. In this Vlog I had the opportunity to get to one of the highest rooftops in NYC with a FANTASTIC view. I hope you guys enjoy the Vlog!

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