DUMBFOUNDEAD- BKFAM (Brooklyn For A Month) (Prod. By: ESTA)

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Directed by: Court Dunn http://courtdunn.com
Produced by: ESTA https://soundcloud.com/beatsbyesta
Mixed and Cuts by: DJ Zo @zomanno

inspired by my stay in Brooklyn for the month of September.


Yo,Im in Brooklyn for a month,
Booked it just for fun,
you can tell by the slang, that Cali is where im from,
give me couple days, I’ll speak in the native tongue,
fuck a creative slump, I aint leavin here till im done,

Son Brooklyn for a month,
Swishers to the dutchess,
Reachin out to esta man he blessed me with the drums,
Fiesta on the rooftop, mixin fresca with the rum,
kissin on an empress with Complexion like the sun,

(where you stayin?”

Leasin out a room, from nora lum,
But that lease on life has been renewed, I’m feelin young,
Buried in the burroughs,
Steady sippin on Sapporos,
Im just Borrowin the Aura,
I’ll return when I’m done,


Brooklyn for a month,
with Angelino blood,
im going back to cali cause I’m faithful as a nun,
yea I’m talkin biggie yea I’m talkin pun,
chillin in the city, where this rap shit all begun,

(and it wont stop)

mothafucka i aint done,
Fuck a multi syllable I kill em using one,
you can call me parker cause I’m far away from dumb,
im far away from home, up in a temple like a monk,


Dahlia lama of the slums,
Started with the ramen, now out im here doin brunch,
Used to drive a bucket, had the cushion with the lumps,
Now I start up the ignition, gotta push it with your thumb,

Brooklyn for a month,
A couple days in queens,
They know me out in flushing,
the korean james dean,
the homie restizzy and
sophia with the bun,
awkwafina hold me down, she keep the doja in my lungs,

I aint even trynna stunt,
I could buy a place out in manhattan If I want,
out on 32nd you can catch me when im drunk,
yea i got the glow lookin redder than a mug,

Brooklyn for a month,
Yea I got the funds,
savin since my front teeth were crooked in the front,
promoters try to book me every month,
promoters havent booked you even once,

Brooklyn for a month,
enough to fall in love,
met a girl the other day and she already got me sprung,
tiron and omari know im a sucker for them pumps,
she be hella blunt, shorty Brooklyn as they come,

Brooklyn for a month,
A couple weeks in paris,
I’ll book a flight to anywhere don’t matter what the fare is,
Brooklyn for a month,

Brooklyn for a month,
A couple weeks in seoul,
Come back a different person they don’t know me any mo,

Brooklyn for a month,
Brooklyn for a month,

and coast……..

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